Health Overhaul

Are you often tired and run down?  Do you miss the energy you once had?  Do you find yourself catching every cold, sore throat, and flu that comes by?

Do you feel that weight loss means starving yourself or not enjoying food?  Are you hesitant to “give up” so much thinking life will be boring or meal prep will be too difficult or expensive?

Are you tied of restricting yourself and still not feeling healthy?  Is weight loss elusive to you?  Do you just need to jump start your metabolism?

What if you could still eat until you’re satisfied and even have dessert?  What if you could enjoy the foods you eat and feel better after eating them.

Health is more than just weight loss, and weight loss doesn’t automatically ensure good health.  By focusing on proper nutrition, better health, increased energy, and weight loss will follow.

This is not another diet. This is not theory.  This is not one-size-fits-all.  This is you, one-on-one with a coach, making things happen.  Together we will look at your life habits: not just food, but sleep, exercise, and stress as well.  We will design a program to get you back on track to health and wellness in a way that works with your lifestyle.

For five weeks we will work together to change your life.

$135 includes:  Initial intake (in person) plus 4 additional weekly one-hour sessions (via phone), unlimited text and email support between sessions.

Turn your health around.  Build new habits.  Feel better and look better.   Contact Suzanne today to begin your journey!

email: suzanne (at) thelifewalk (dot) com