Finding Balance, Finding Truth: Life Management 101 – 25 Steps to Regaining Control of Your Time and Your Life

Front Cover PicBook one in the Life Management 101 series walks you through the steps to create your perfect life.  You will look closely at where you spend your time now, decide what needs to go, and how to add the new things you really want to do to your life.

This is a hands-on workbook.  There is no theory here.  Just action.  Your life will change when you decide to change it and this book will help you!




Declutter For Life: Life Management 101 – Clearing the Way For a More Peaceful and Productive Life


 Book two in the Life Management 101 series helps you clear the energy blockages that are holding you back in your life.  Addressing both physical and energetic “clutter”, you will embark on a journey of clearing out those items that keep you from experiencing calm and peace.