Are you ready for your Next Level Life?

Find out how with the classic first book in the Life Management 101 series. Finding Balance, Finding Truth takes you on a step by step journey to finding your truth and creating the life you choose to live.

When you feel disconnected to your life, this book will help you reconnect. If you’ve surrendered or given up on your dreams, this book will help you reclaim it.

This short interactive workbook take a no-frills approach to helping you see your life as it is and re-create it to become what you want it to be. This is not a one-time fix, but an ongoing journey as you grow and change.

Is it time to clear the clutter from your home and your life?

Declutter For Life offers a guided tour through your home and your life to help you clear the clutter and free yourself from the weight of items in your life that are bogging you down or holding you back. And it’s not just things that take up space in our lives… there are emotions that need to be freed and people who need to become part of your past so you can move forward.

If you’ve given your life over to “stuff” that is just taking up space, this book will help you free yourself from being bogged down with items that no longer serve you or your perfect life.

Take the first steps to clearing your space and clearing your mind to make way for bigger and better things!


Book #3 in the Life Management 101 series is on the way! This book will give you the tools to build the foundation – the solid ground – that you will build your perfect life on.

To stay updated on its progress and to take advantage of sneak previews, visit and register (for free) at the The LifeWalk coaching and classes portal.