Welcome to LifeWalk Wellness

At The LifeWalk, you are invited to take control of your path to physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

I am dedicated to helping you find health and well-being using a variety of wellness tools such as life coaching, Reiki and other energy balancing techniques, herbalism, Qi Gong & Tai Chi.

I believe that your life is a path of self discovery. Discovering who you are and how you want to live your life is part of the fun of being alive! Sometimes on your path, you need assistance in finding your way, and sometimes you already know where you want to explore.

If you know where you want to explore, then visit the pages on energy work, herbals, tai chi, and bodywork to view the classes, session offerings, and schedules.

If you are unsure of how or why your life is out of balance, or just want to explore the unknown opportunities awaiting you, then visit the coaching page where you can explore your life in depth and create the world as you’d like it to be.

For inquiries or appointments, contact Suzanne via email: suzanne (at) thelifewalk (dot) com